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We are changing the air conditioner industry and transforming your daily life. Join us now!


Are bulky evaporator and condenser units giving you concerns? Are you worried about the affordability of traditional air conditioners? Do you find yourself needing to pay extra for warranty extensions? 

No need to fret! Silent Cicada's personal air conditioner is the perfect solution, fitting right into your pocket both in terms of size and pricing. 

Tired of the hassle of deciding where to install your air conditioner? Worried about subpar after-sales support? Fed up with waiting for a week after booking an installation? Frustrated with the need for regular cleaning and additional service charges every few months? Is it a burden to be present during installation and servicing, taking up precious time? 

Put your worries aside, as Silent Cicada's personal air conditioner requires no installation or servicing. 

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Do you often experience headaches when you see your electricity bills? Are the costs of repairs overwhelming when your air conditioner is out of warranty? Are you tired of paying technicians to uninstall your old unit when it's time to replace it? 

Worry no more! Silent Cicada's personal air conditioner will save you a significant amount of money. 

When you buy an air conditioner, the goal is to cool yourself down, not the entire room, including all the furniture and floor. Why waste excessive energy and money cooling unnecessary areas? 

Rest assured, with Silent Cicada's personal air conditioner, the focus is solely on keeping you cool. 

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Ever wished you could carry an air conditioner with you during hot summer days, but found them too bulky and heavy to transport? And dealing with the limitations of power cords? Do you dream of enjoying air conditioning while playing tennis or jogging outdoors? 

Your savior has arrived! Silent Cicada's personal air conditioner is here for you anytime, anywhere.

Have you ever found yourself feeling too hot while others feel too cold in the same room? Are you sitting too far away from the office air conditioner, barely feeling any cool breeze? Are you hesitant to lower the temperature setting to avoid complaints from your colleagues? 

Say goodbye to these troubles! Silent Cicada's personal air conditioner is tailored to meet your individual needs.

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