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The Science

Finding the right cooling spot

Scientific research supports the effectiveness of perceived cooling for enhancing comfort and well-being. For instance, studies in environmental ergonomics highlight how localized cooling can improve perceived thermal comfort, particularly in hot environments, without necessitating a decrease in core body temperature ("Thermal sensation and comfort in a transient non-uniform thermal environment," European Journal of Applied Physiology). Further research in the field of thermal physiology suggests that strategic cooling of body areas with high densities of thermoreceptors can significantly influence thermal perception, supporting the effectiveness of localized cooling solutions like the Silent Cicada in enhancing comfort ("Exploring the role of skin temperature in thermal sensation and thermal comfort," Journal of Energy and Built Environment).

Drawing upon research conducted by leading universities and presented in the journal article "High-density thermal sensitivity maps of the human body," published in the Journal of Energy and Built Environment, a comprehensive mapping of thermal sensitivity across the human body has been developed. This mapping clearly illustrates the varying degrees of cooling sensitivity across different skin areas. Notably, the wrist and hand regions have been identified as among the most sensitive to cooling. This finding underscores the effectiveness of positioning a cooling device, such as Silent Cicada, on these areas to maximize comfort through targeted cooling.

Whole-body cooling sensitivity mapping.PNG

Identifying the optimal cooling area is critical, as improperly targeted cooling, such as direct application to the Carotid artery, could increase ischemic stroke risks. Safety must be the priority, ensuring cooling efforts target safe body regions. A notable podcast episode by Tanya Lewis and Josh Fischman from Scientific American features an interview with renowned Professor Craig Heller from Stanford University. Airing on June 21, 2023, they explore the science of temperature regulation and the incredible benefits of cooling hair-free skin, especially hands. This episode reveals that cooling the palms activates an emergency relief mechanism called arteriovenous anastomoses (AVAs), significantly impacting body temperature. In contrast, cooling areas like the neck may inadvertently suppress natural body cooling mechanisms due to the proximity of the brain's temperature regulation center, potentially causing discomfort or overheating.

The above infrared images clearly demonstrate the cooling effect of the Silent Cicada Personal Air Conditioner. 

Image a): Post-Exercise Baseline - Infrared image showing body heat right after exercise; 

Image b): Natural Cooling After 5 Minutes - The face area skin temperature cools down about 2°C without any device, the arm skin temperature cools down about 4°C, and the chest area skin temperature cools down about 5°C without any device; 

Image c): Post-Exercise with Silent Cicada - Similar to Image a), but in this scenario, the individual is going to wear the Silent Cicada Personal Air Conditioner immediately after exercise; 

Image d): Enhanced Cooling with Silent Cicada - Captured 5 minutes after Image c), The face area skin temperature cools down about 4°C without any device, the arm skin temperature cools down about 5°C, and the chest area skin temperature cools down by approximately 6°C. Beyond just lowering the local temperature, Silent Cicada also cools a broader range of skin areas, showcasing its remarkable effectiveness.

Silent Cicada fast cooling left hand vs right hand

The above infrared image further illustrates the localized cooling effect of the Silent Cicada Personal Air Conditioner. The image compares the temperatures of both hands; the left hand, wearing the Silent Cicada for one minute, versus the right hand without any cooling device. The result is striking: the left hand is about 5 degrees cooler than the right. Importantly, the image reveals not only localized cooling at the wrist but also the effect on the blood veins, indicating that the cooler blood, once chilled by the device at the wrist, helps in circulating coolness to other parts of the body. This compelling visual evidence underscores how the Silent Cicada effectively utilizes the body's circulatory system to enhance overall comfort by extending cooling beyond the immediate area of application.

The Silent Cicada Personal Air Conditioner showcases the benefits of targeted cooling through an infrared image comparison, demonstrating a significant temperature difference when applied to the hand. This visual proof emphasizes the device's ability to utilize the circulatory system for widespread cooling effects. 

Therefore, the Silent Cicada Personal Air Conditioner does more than just lower surface skin temperature—it activates and leverages AVAs for natural heat relief. This dual-action approach ensures a more comfortable and personalized cooling experience, particularly effective in environments where it's difficult to regulate body temperature.

In line with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the concept of body cooling through stimulating the specific "Waiguan" acupuncture point, also known as "Outer Pass" or "Triple Energizer 5 (TE 5)." aligns closely with modern cooling practices. Located on the outer forearm, just above the wrist crease between the radius and ulna bones, this point is believed to dispel heat, thereby cooling the body. It's traditionally used in managing fevers, heat-related conditions, and inflammatory issues. 

The Silent Cicada Personal Air Conditioner embraces this philosophy by offering customizable cooling experiences. Users can place the device on various parts of the body, such as the palm and the inner wrist areas, directly over the "Waiguan" point, along the forearm where veins are more prominent, or any other area deemed effective and safe. This flexibility allows individuals to tailor their cooling based on personal comfort and physiological feedback, ensuring an optimal balance between traditional wisdom and modern technology for effective temperature management.

The Silent Cicada Personal Air Conditioner is thoughtfully designed to enhance the body's inherent cooling mechanisms without significantly impacting core body temperature, a parameter meticulously regulated by complex physiological processes. It acknowledges that the body swiftly compensates for minor variations in core temperature by adjusting blood sugar metabolism, ensuring stability.

Rather than reducing core body temperature, the Silent Cicada optimizes the body's reaction to external cooling stimuli. It aims to elevate the sensation of coolness, offering an innovative approach to augment comfort and well-being in heated environments. This method is in harmony with scientific understandings of thermal perception and regulation, providing a refined solution to maintaining comfort without disturbing the body's natural thermoregulatory balance.

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