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The Science

Finding the right cooling spot

Discovering the correct cooling spot is of utmost importance, as cooling the wrong areas can pose significant risks to customers. For instance, direct cooling of the Carotid artery can potentially elevate the risk of ischemic stroke. It is crucial to prioritize safety and ensure that the cooling mechanism is applied to appropriate body parts to avoid any potential harm.

Discover the groundbreaking podcast episode by Tanya Lewis and Josh Fischman from Scientific American, featuring an interview with renowned Professor Craig Heller from Stanford University. Airing on June 21, 2023, they explore the science of temperature regulation and the incredible benefits of cooling hair-free skin, especially hands. This episode reveals that cooling the palms activates an emergency relief mechanism called arteriovenous anastomoses (AVAs), significantly impacting body temperature. Conversely, cooling the neck and back can be counterproductive as the brain's thermostat, located near the neck, triggers natural cooling mechanisms. Neckband-type coolers can deceive the thermostat, disabling these vital cooling methods, potentially leading to discomfort and overheating.


By examining the infrared images above, the effectiveness of cooling on non-hairy skin, particularly the palm, in influencing body temperature becomes evident. The image on the left depicts the initial state before using the Silent Cicada Personal Air Conditioner, while the image on the right shows the results after wearing it on the palm for a few minutes. Not only does it cool down the palm region, but it also affects the overall body temperature through improved blood circulation.

Similarly, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) supports a similar theory of cooling by stimulating the "Waiguan" acupuncture point, also known as "Outer Pass" or "Triple Energizer 5 (TE 5)." Positioned on the outer forearm, slightly above the wrist crease, between the radius and ulna bones, this point effectively clears heat and cools the body, managing fevers, heat-related conditions, and inflammatory issues.

As different individuals may experience varying effects, users can choose the most suitable cooling spot to wear the personal air conditioner, maximizing the cooling benefits for their specific needs.

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