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Temperature Perception & Energy Saving

We conducted a perception of ambient temperature test with Silent Cicada personal air conditioner, finding that Silent Cicada personal air conditioner significantly altered temperature perception, especially in warmer settings. Additionally, older participants noticed more pronounced temperature changes than younger ones. 


Test targets: 20 Volunteers, Ages 18-40; and 20 Volunteers, Ages 41-63.

Blind testing with functional (FD) and non-functional devices (NFD).

Participants estimated room temperature after 5 minutes, then switched devices and repeated.

temp exp_edited.jpg
temp exp_edited.jpg
Temp Per.PNG

By integrating our Silent Cicada Personal Air Conditioner, users can comfortably increase their AC's set temperature while maintaining a cool sensation, since raising the set temperature of an air conditioner by just 1 degree can significantly reduce energy consumption, with savings ranging from 6% to 8% per degree.

Suppose Mr. Tan owns a traditional 1000W air conditioner. By using our product, he can reduce his air conditioner's operating time by 6.5 hours daily and increase the set temperature by 2 degrees. This adjustment results in daily energy savings of 7.36 kWh. With Singapore's electricity cost at 32.58 cents/kWh, Mr. Tan will save S$2.39 daily!


This approach conserves energy and lowers carbon emissions, supporting eco-friendly initiatives. And it also offers to our customers, cost saving!

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