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Discover the enlightening Scientific American podcast episode featuring Professor Craig Heller of Stanford University, about the science of temperature regulation, focusing on the benefits of cooling hair-free skin, especially the hands. This reveals how it activates arteriovenous anastomoses (AVAs), crucial in body temperature control. The Silent Cicada personal air conditioner leverages this mechanism, effectively helping the body maintain a comfortable temperature.

Silent Cicada had developed the wearable personal air conditioner, which aids in the natural cooling process, offering a more comfortable and personalized cooling experience, especially in environments where managing body temperature is challenging. For more information on specific applications, select from below:


The Silent Cicada alters temperature perception, especially in heat, enabling higher AC settings for energy savings and eco-friendliness, with older users noticing more significant changes.

The Silent Cicada Personal Air Conditioner effectively delays muscle overheating from heat stress, protective gear, or physical activity, enhancing physical and mental performance.

Muscle 2_edited_edited.jpg

Silent Cicada has the potential to enhance focus and efficiency in academic or work settings, particularly benefiting individuals who struggle with maintaining concentration.

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