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Muscle Fatigue & Recovery

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Implementing a well-rounded approach to recovery is essential in minimizing muscle fatigue and optimizing overall training performance. As your temperature rises beyond the normal range there is a rapid decline in physical and mental capacity. The result is an acceleration of the onset of fatigue combined with poor decision making which can have a negative effect on outcomes. Whether heat stress is due to the need to wear protective gear or a high ambient temperature or the level of physical activity, Silent Cicada Personal Air Conditioner can significantly delay muscle over-heating. As a consequence, individuals will perform better both physically and mentally.

Muscle Fatigue Test (10 Volunteers, Ages 12-40)

Test item: Running, dumbbell lifting and hand gripping

Conclusion: Utilizing the Silent Cicada Personal Air Conditioner led to improved exercise performance, with a 2% increase in 2-minute running distance, 19% more dumbbell lifts, and a 17% boost in grip endurance. These results indicate the device's potential to enhance resistance training by positively impacting fatigue response, especially when positioned closer to the target muscle group.


This finding resonated with the Strength & Conditioning Research carried out at Stanford University by Professor Craig Heller, who has decades of experience in researching temperature regulation and working in conjunction with the US Military. He developed the Stanford Glove, the first commercial palm cooling device, as shown below. A substantial body of peer reviewed fitness and conditioning research was published by Stanford University and others over a decade. It’s a legal form of performance enhancement on a par with the use of steroids claim Stanford scientists!

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