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Enhanced Focus


Techniques like mindfulness meditation and deep-breathing exercises are known to enhance focus by calming the mind and reducing mental clutter. Other than the techniques, there are some devices able to improve concentration and attention. By conducting tests, we are surprised to find that using Silent Cicada personal air conditioner can significantly contribute to sustaining heightened focus levels.


We recruited 100 volunteers aged between 18 and 25 to play a maze game and discovered that Silent Cicada improved focus to achieve better test performance (average 5.2% faster). Among them, 70% showed a positive effect in increasing their speeds, with the highest improvement recorded at 25.3%.

In a separate experiment focusing on cognitive tasks, 80% of participants demonstrated quicker completion times when solving 50 math questions of Primary 3 level while using the Silent Cicada. Additionally, all participants either improved or maintained their accuracy in these questions with the aid of the device. These outcomes suggest that the Silent Cicada has the potential to enhance focus and efficiency in academic or work settings, particularly benefiting individuals who struggle with maintaining concentration.

While the Silent Cicada does not inherently increase IQ, our studies indicate it could play a role in improving performance in test environments.

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