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Enhanced Focus

Recent research has illuminated a critical, often overlooked aspect of the learning environment: temperature. Two significant studies, "The effects of summer heat on academic achievement: A cohort analysis" from the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management and "Heat and Learning" from Harvard University, bring to light the tangible impact of thermal conditions on educational outcomes. A startling revelation from these investigations is that without air conditioning, every 1°F increase in school year temperature correlates with a 1% reduction in the amount learned that year. This statistic underscores the profound effect that even slight fluctuations in temperature can have on academic performance, particularly highlighting the vulnerability of the learning process to environmental conditions.

Silent Cicada keep you focused

Techniques like mindfulness meditation and deep-breathing exercises are known to enhance focus by calming the mind and reducing mental clutter. Other than the techniques, there are some devices able to improve concentration and attention. By conducting tests, we are surprised to find that using Silent Cicada personal air conditioner can significantly contribute to sustaining heightened focus levels.

Test Group 1: 100 volunteers aged 18 to 25

Test Activity: Participants played a maze game of the same difficulty level twice; once with a non-functional device and again with a functional Silent Cicada device, without knowing which was which (blind test).

Silent Cicada maze test improvement


The Silent Cicada notably enhanced focus, improving test performance by an average of 5.2% faster. 70% of participants experienced a speed increase, with the most significant improvement at 25.3%.

Test Group 2: 10 volunteers aged 18 to 25

Activity: Participants solved 50 math questions of Primary 3 level twice, under the same conditions as the first test, including the blind test format with non-functional and functional devices.

Silent Cicada cognitive test exam completion time improvement
Silent Cicada cognitive test exam accuracy improvement


80% of the participants showed faster completion times, with all participants either improving or maintaining their accuracy on the questions when using the device. These results indicate that the Silent Cicada can significantly boost focus and efficiency in academic or work environments, offering substantial benefits to those who find it challenging to sustain concentration.

While the Silent Cicada does not inherently increase IQ, our studies indicate it could play a role in improving performance in test environments.

The implications of these studies resonate far beyond individual comfort, pointing to a broader societal need to reassess and adapt our educational environments in response to climate change. As temperatures continue to rise globally, the challenge of maintaining conducive learning conditions becomes increasingly pressing. Solutions like Silent Cicada offer a way forward, ensuring that students can maintain focus and efficiency, regardless of external thermal conditions.

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